About Proctor Farmers’ Market

The Proctor Farmers’ Market is a well-established and busy farmers market located in a charming Tacoma neighborhood. It’s the only farmers’ market in Tacoma that’s open year-round. People come from all over the city to shop the market and local stores in the neighborhood. PFM carries a great selection of quality produce (many organic), beautiful bouquets and plants, and several prepared food vendors serving up delicious meals.

This farmers’ market is in my neighborhood, and I’ve always loved walking to the market on Saturdays with my dog for local organic vegetables, meats, flowers, and lunch.

The PFM mission is highly focused on community. Its volunteer board of directors consistently refers back to its mission by maintaining initiatives that support the local Tacoma community.

Proctor Farmers’ Market website before

The challenge of a non-profit website

Their original website was built by a college student and had not been redesigned for years. Fortunately, their market manager had learned how to use the platform well and consistently kept it up to date.

But, navigating their website was difficult. The old website had a ton of information crammed into just a few pages and not many breaks or subheadings to let you scan the pages to find what you’re looking for. The content also needed a bit of an overhaul, as it was really wordy and hard to follow.

With PFM being such a high-quality farmers market and really well-managed, the website didn’t represent who they really are. The PFM board was aware of the downfalls of their website and was looking for a website designer that could make their website more legible on a non-profit budget.

Why Proctor Farmers’ Market Chose Harmony Website Design

The owner of Calendula Farm & Earthworks and market board member, Scott, loves the website I created him years ago and appreciates my ability to organize large amounts of information, so he suggested PFM work with me to redesign their website.

Committee members loved that I’m local and shop the market as well as have clients who are vendors there. I know their branding and value of the market, and they believed that I could represent it well.

Website Goals

The most important thing I want to know about a new website or redesign is the main goals of the website. PFM wanted to keep their branding and ability to find their dates and hours easily. As I mentioned above, their biggest goal was that all of their information was clear and easy to find. There were a few additional goals that we addressed including creating awareness of their diversity initiatives and promoting the use of supplemental nutrition programs. They have a large email newsletter following, so signing up for the newsletter had to be visible and easy.

The Results

A more modern design that’s easier to read on all devices

I created a website design that was as colorful as the market itself. Keeping their branding and even the header image kept it familiar to their current website visitors.

Website Structure that’s easy to navigate

I determined that the website pages could be separated into multiple pages so that they would be much easier to read. Their “vendors” page contained information that could be broken down into five pages, for example.

By creating multiple pages out of just five, specific information is now clearly accessible in the menu. More pages, simplified content, and subheadings really cleaned up this website and made it easier to use for customers and vendors alike.

Information that the board wants the community to be aware of is now more visible such as diversity initiatives and supplemental nutrition programs, and current information is fed from Instagram.

The new About page

The fully redesigned Proctor Farmers’ Market website Home page

A fun and usable vendors page

People can clearly see all of the vendors in a more fun way by showing all of the current vendor logos on one page with links to their websites or social media profiles. The vendors are also filterable by what they sell, making it easy to look for specific items. People might even become aware of vendors they didn’t know were there!

A better vendor application

The vendor application was long and wordy as there’s a lot of important information that needs to be shared. Reworking the application was one of my challenges, and I was up for the task. I put the application on its own page, eliminated unnecessary wordy text, and cleaned it up as much as possible. I added conditional formatting to eliminate unnecessary text for certain types of vendors. It still allows for new vendors to read all of the rules and procedures first so they’re prepared to fill out their applications.

The new Vendors page

The old Vendors page made it really hard to read and use the application. This information was split into several pages.

Happy clients

“The Proctor Farmers’ Market website was long past due for a makeover, and thanks to Amy Baron Hatch of Harmony Website Design, we got an amazing new website with an overall look that still reflects our Market, but with a completely revitalized form and function. Amy was extremely knowledgeable, helpful, and fantastic to work with, leading us through a process that resulted in a fresh, new, website that has broad content appeal, is visually attractive, easy to navigate, and connects our vendors, mission, and diversity initiatives with our Market community in a friendly, direct way. Thank you, Amy, for your great work – we look forward to a continued relationship with you and Harmony Website Design!”

~ Karen Bowes, Proctor Farmers’ Market Manager

“Amy is super flexible and an excellent communicator. She’s gone above and beyond to make sure that our website is both up to modern standards and usable.”

~ Albert McMurry, Bona Fide Potents,
Board Secretary, Executive Committee, Market Vendor

“Amy has been a dream to work with for our non-profit business’ website. It had been in dire need of a revamp for years, and we were painfully limping along until we began working with Amy. She has been able to capture the feel of our market through the website, and she has been able to move us into a modern, beautiful, and easy-to-use website that will only help connect us to our community that much more. Thank you so much for all of your hard work, Amy! We LOVE what you have created for us!”

~ Tess Konig, Proctor Farmers’ Market,
President, Executive Committee,
Marketing Committee Chair, Equity Committee Chair

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