The Empowerment Center, a Nonprofit Website Redesign Success Story

I shared the importance of planning your website redesign in my post “Are you trying to create a website and just can’t seem to get very far?” Here’s how prioritizing website goals made all the difference in the website redesign for The Empowerment Center, a Tacoma Food Bank.

About The Empowerment Center

The Empowerment Center was established over 23 years ago and is the outreach arm of El Shaddai Christian Ministries, feeding local Tacomans and helping people get back on their feet through employment and job experience. I discovered The Empowerment Center during the Covid pandemic when they needed more volunteers to support larger distribution and its more labor-intensive food bank process.

Supporting their mission through volunteering at the food bank and creating their marketing materials has led to much personal growth and satisfaction. It’s incredible to witness and participate in its well-oiled food distribution system, inspirational leadership, camaraderie, and compassion.

The Empowerment Center’s mission is to give food, hope, dignity, and a pathway out of poverty by elevating and promoting people to a positive productive lifestyle using food distribution as the vehicle to connect with people in need.

The Need for a Website Redesign

Their original website was built by an incredibly talented member of the leadership team and ministry. Although he did an amazing job, continued shifts in SEO standards meant their website was due for an upgrade. They could also benefit from moving the website to WordPress, which I feel is a better platform due to its versatility.

Their branding was already beautiful, so I didn’t see any need to make changes there. In this case, it’s good to stay recognizable.

Why The Empowerment Center Chose Harmony Website Design

I notice that in the nonprofit world and with the user-friendly website platforms available, people will often volunteer to create websites even if they don’t have marketing experience. These websites can turn out good, as in this case, but with some marketing knowledge and experience, a website can be even more effective.

I could tell they were a bit hesitant- redesigning a website requires a lot of trust! I’m guessing that they’ve seen a lot of volunteers come and go over the years and weren’t yet familiar with my skills. I wanted to make sure they knew I’m serious about the work that I do.

I assured them that I would be around to support the website. While their current webmaster is more than capable of using the WordPress software, I could help eliminate one of his very many responsibilities.

Additionally, by volunteering at the food bank, I demonstrated I understood their mission and how they work. I think this was the deciding factor in letting me redesign their website.

The Empowerment Center website before the redesign

A Website Built Around Goals

If you’ve worked with me before, you’ve heard my extensive list of questions before starting a website project. Learning your website goals is one of my top priorities because the entire website is built around what you want to achieve from it. Everything I do, from determining keywords to the flow of the design, revolves around these goals.

The number one goal of The Empowerment Center website redesign was to attract more volunteers

We achieved that goal (and continue to do so) through:

  • Creating one page just about volunteering and optimizing that page for keywords people use when seeking volunteer positions.
  • Clearly explaining what volunteer work looks like, including details like hours, responsibilities, and ages allowed.
  • Stating the benefits of volunteering, such as work experience for teens.
  • Making it easy to understand how to get started volunteering.
  • Putting volunteer information on multiple pages with links to the volunteer page.

The Empowerment Center volunteer page

The Empowerment Center website after the redesign

The Results

“Thank you Amy for your professionalism, skill, creativity, and remarkable ability to know our nonprofit, expressing it perfectly in every detail. Your appealing design represented us perfectly and our need for volunteers which resulted in people finding us on Google being motivated to contact us and stepping up to volunteer within days of it being published, and continues to bring volunteers weekly. I highly recommend Harmony to anyone in need of a new or fresh website to accurately market and accelerate their business.”

~ Lawanna Lee, The Empowerment Center

This testimonial says a lot about how we achieved their goal of recruiting more volunteers. They continually receive calls from volunteers who find The Empowerment Center online.

With a step up in the ability to navigate the website, an increased amount of information, and a slightly more professional look, people feel ready to volunteer once they’ve visited the website.

The new website also makes it easy for food bank recipients to find their hours and location. With the increase in grocery prices and our search engine optimization, food bank lines have gotten longer. It’s a relief that the volunteer base has also grown!

Want your website to support your business goals?

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