A website can move your business to the next level

 I recently created a website for a company that had been successful for years without an online presence. The owner called me because, as he put it, “the younger generation is asking to see our website.”

Today, my client proudly points people to his website while saving time in his sales process.

Is your business already thriving? Did you “make it” without formal marketing because you have a reputation for great work, or because your shop is in a prime location, or because you have lots of social media buzz?

A website can still make a big difference for your business moving forward. Investing the time to build a website can reduce your workload, improve your reputation, and get more people interested in your success.

If you think you’re too busy to do it now, read on to learn more about the benefits of a professionally designed business website.

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1. Spend your sales time with people who are ready to buy

How much time do you spend talking to potential customers? Are you answering the same questions over and over? Are you getting calls from customers you can’t serve?

Your website can answer many of your customers’ questions for you.

A website sells products or services by connecting your business with potential customers. Your website should tell customers you can solve their problems or deliver products they want or need. It will show customers that you are professional and legitimate. It can explain where you want to work, geographically, and what your specialties are.

Done well, your website also helps customers compare you to your competition. If they like what they see, they might immediately buy your product or schedule a service. Potential customers will already know details about what you have to offer before their first call.

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2. A good website attracts better clients and sells more of the services or projects you love

How much time are you spending working with customers that give you headaches? Would you like to increase your rates and charge more than your existing customers want to pay? Is there a service you’d like to do more often, or one you’d like to move away from?

A website should be tailored to your ideals for your business, so your daily operations can be focused on the tasks you love. Make sure your website is using on-page search engine optimization and clear marketing messages to reach your desired outcomes.

Each page you present on the internet provides more opportunities for people to find your business using search engines like Google. When more people find you, you can afford to be more selective about your clients and projects.

3. A website shows professional credibility

How often do you rely on a Google search to find a nearby restaurant or business? Do you look up products and companies on the web? Do you check for company specials or business hours? Do you look to see if a business serves your area?

Without a website, people might wonder whether you know how to run a business. They may speculate that this business isn’t your “real job” and wonder if they can count on you to finish their projects. They might worry that you won’t have replacements or refills for items they’ve purchased. They might wonder if you’re even still in business!

Your website tells them you are serious. Add positive testimonials from satisfied customers and display professional credentials to show you are an expert in your field. Showcase your products and case studies to assure customers you understand what they need.

4. Facebook and Instagram Sales aren’t good long-term strategies

Social media is an important part of a marketing plan and great for creating hype that directs people to your website. Traffic to your website tells search engines that your business is active and has products or services people want to buy.

While selling via Facebook Sales posts or Instagram Sales posts can be an economical way to get your products out into the world, those sales aren’t tracked to your website, and they won’t improve your rankings with search engines.

Start a website as soon as possible so you can use current orders to get more buyers. If you’re already selling via social media, you’ll have to rebuild your store and then redirect people to your website, starting your SEO from scratch.

A good designer or developer will build a website that lasts

Working with a web designer can be easier than you expect. Most designers will walk you through the whole process. While the process is primarily about the way a site looks and functions, a good designer focuses on your message and some even write your content. If not, they can refer to copywriters or enhance your copy.

Here are some tips to help you choose a professional web designer.

  • Look at the designer’s portfolio to see if you like their style.
  • Make sure the firm offers search engine optimization. (If they’re any good at SEO, local companies will show up in your Google search.)
  • Visit a few websites in the designers’ portfolios and follow the links – see whether you can easily find what you need at sites they’ve designed.
  • Call some design firms. See how well they respond to your questions and whether you feel comfortable talking with them.
  • Anticipate a wait. A couple of months is a reasonable time to wait for room on a designer’s schedule, and you can expect to spend 1-2 months creating your small business website.
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